Learn When Enhancing Your Windows with Window Film Is the Best Option

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enhancing your windows with window film

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If you’re thinking about replacing your windows because they’re not performing the way you want them to, it’s a good idea to first consider enhancing your windows with window film. This is a much more affordable option that can solve many of the most common issues that homeowners have with poor-performing windows. Of course, sometimes your windows actually do need to be replaced. We’ll cover some common window performance issues in this blog, and also touch on which issues window film can and cannot solve.

When Enhancing Your Windows with Window Film Is and Isn’t Enough

Enhancing your windows with window film can be a very efficient solution for many performance issues. However, a lot can depend on the specific problems or complaints you have with your existing windows. Here are some of the most common problems homeowners have with poor-performing windows.

Temperature Control and Energy Costs

Temperature control is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners replace their windows. They’re often uncomfortable in their home due to excessive heat or cold or they’re not happy with the high costs of their energy bills. The right kind of window film can actually solve these problems very well in instances where cold or hot air is transmitted through your window panes.

For example, 3M™ Window Films actually provide a layer of insulation to your windows in both summer and winter. It’s almost like adding another pane to your windows, but at a fraction of the cost of double-paned glass. In winter, this film reflects and disperses heat back inside your home and reduces cold spots near windows. In the summer, it significantly reduces the heat of the sun coming through your windows.

As you can see, a quality window film can improve both the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. However, if your windows are drafty because of large cracks or leaks around the window frame or because they don’t close all the way, window repair or replacement might a necessary prerequisite to applying window film.

UV Protection and Glare

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows because you want windows that reduce glare or provide UV protection, these are issues that a quality window film can easily solve. 3M film blocks a huge portion of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting your family as well as your carpets, curtains, and furniture from fading caused by the sun. Window film also cuts down on glare, by redirecting the sun’s rays toward the ceiling and away from people’s faces and TV, computer, and mobile device screens so that you still benefit from natural light without it restricting vision. If glare and UV protection are your primary concern with your existing windows, you don’t need to replace your windows. Window film is the fastest and the most cost-effective option.

Safety, Security, and Privacy

Window film can provide privacy in rooms where you need it most, like bathrooms or children’s rooms. Frosted film inhibits vision both in and out, while tinted window film still allows you to see out, but reduces visibility to outsiders looking in. If you’re concerned about safety and security, window film can be a great deterrent to crime. It not only makes it more difficult to see inside, but makes your windows much harder to penetrate. On impact, the proprietary adhesive in 3M Window Films can actually hold glass shards from your window in place, preventing intruders from getting in or injuries from flying glass during storms or natural disasters. If your windows won’t stay locked or can easily be opened due to faulty latches, locks, or other hardware, they need repair or replacement.

Enhancing with Window Film Can Make New Windows Perform Better Too!

There are always going to be some instances — a few of which we’ve mentioned already — when you just need to replace your windows. Windows that are extremely delapidated, very hard or impossible to open or close, or those that are very unattractive most likely need to be replaced as well.

But keep in mind that even when you decide to purchase new windows, enhancing your windows with window film can still offer the same great benefits that we’ve touched on here.

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