Enjoy a Room Lit by Natural Sunlight

By replacing or enhancing artificial lighting in office spaces with natural sunlight, you can create a healthier, more comfortable work environment - and that means happier, more productive employees. With window film, you will also lower your energy bills by using less artificial lighting and by reducing the need for air conditioning as a result of our infrared heat-blocking technology.

Natural Sunlight Creates an Aesthetically Pleasing, Cost-Effective Environment.


Our Commercial Window Film Products

At Shore Window Film, we use completely clear, optically superior commercial window films by 3M. Developing a specific film for commercial window tinting that offers these incredible benefits was not a walk in the park. It took the nano-technology brilliantly developed by 3M to create it. Nano-technology involves highly skilled scientists working with materials over 1000 times tinier in size than the width of a strand of hair. Our technologically advanced film consists of hundreds of different layers, that combined are still thinner than a sheet of copy paper. We’ve developed a window film product that is perfect for business window tinting due to its amazing performance without the use of any metals. Window films that include metals will ultimately corrode, blocking cell phone signals.


Enhance Tenant Comfort With Commercial Window Film

3M Sun Control Prestige Window Films offer a host of benefits to commercial property owners. These films block up to 97% of infrared light and up to 99.9% of UV light. This translates to enhanced temperature control, energy savings, glare reduction, and protection from fading of floors, furniture, and artwork. Because this film allows for a high transmission of natural light, it won't impact the look of your windows or your view.


Keep Your Commercial Space Safe & Secure - Even After Hours

We also offer 3M Safety & Security Window Film that is specially designed to protect windows during severe windstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and Northeasters. Reinforcing your windows with 3M’s technologically advanced film can also safeguard your commercial building from break-in attempts, vandalism, graffiti and/or accidental breakage. The most innovative, technologically advanced commercial window tinting films ever developed, 3M Ultra Prestige Film helps window glass remain intact, preventing accidental or deliberate breakage. Watch the videos below to see how 3M Ultra Prestige Film stands up to a bomb blast.



Commercial Gallery

As a leading commercial window film installer on the Eastern Shore, Shore Window Film has had the pleasure of working with many commercial clients in Maryland, Delaware, and northern Virginia. Take a look at some of our commercial window tint installations in the project gallery below.

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