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Windows are a major aspect of any home, for utilitarian purposes as well as decorative. They allow natural sunlight to shine in while allowing residents to peer outside into their gardens or to view the goings on in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the sunlight coming in can cause interior drapes, carpeting and furniture to fade terribly while creating uncomfortable hot spots inside. Our window films provide a solution for these and other potential problems associated with the windows in your home.

Shore Window Film applies 3M Window Films specifically developed to diminish fading while also blocking the sun’s penetrating heat. Furthermore, our 3M Prestige Films do all of this without any discernible effect on your home’s interior or exterior appearance and beauty. From your interior you can clearly see out your windows, just as if there had been no window film applied, yet you receive all the benefits.

Experience the Benefits of Window Film.


Reflects Less Than Glass

Standard window films often have a mirror-like quality, which makes it hard for people to clearly see outside, especially at night when lights are on inside. During the day, homes with standard window film are made to look like office buildings from the outside due to the reflection. With 3M Prestige Window Tinting Film you get a tiny fraction of the reflectivity. You have four different options: two of the options will actually result in less reflectivity than even the glass they’re applied to. And the other two options only offer 1% more reflectivity than the glass, which is essentially negligible. With these four options you can clearly look outside, even at night.


Blocks Incoming Heat All Day Long

The two most pressing reasons why homeowners have films applied to their windows are: to maintain a comfortable interior temperature by blocking the sun’s heat and to keep their drapes, carpets and furniture from the fading caused by UV rays. 3M Window Tinting Films do a great job of accomplishing both. To scientifically determine how well our films do their job, we devised even stronger specifications that calculate the total amount of the sun’s energy being rejected while coming in at an angle. The results prove that 3M Prestige Window Tinting Films perform better than any other product on the market all day long, especially during the very hottest times of the day!

Other window film manufacturers claim their products perform similarly, but in reality they have only tested their films when the sun’s rays are coming in perpendicular to the window. This only occurs during the coolest times of the day, when the sun is rising and setting. Infrared light produced by the sun is the most damaging, so in developing their window films, 3M created a product that keeps 97% of these rays out. This means a cooler, more comfortable home with lower energy bills.


Blocks Damaging UV Rays

3M Prestige Window Films will absolutely diminish the damaging effects that sunlight can have on your drapes, curtains, carpets and furniture by keeping out 99.9% of the sun’s destructive UV rays, which is what causes so much fading. A window film that truly prevents indoor furnishings from even the slightest fading does not yet exist. However, we can promise you that the 3M window films we apply will drastically slow down any fading that does occur, allowing your interiors to look new and fresh for much longer.

Protects Your Windows From Breakage

Our safety & security window film protects windows during severe windstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and Northeasters. Reinforcing your windows with 3M’s technologically advanced film can also safeguard you and your loved ones from break-in attempts, vandalism, graffiti and/or accidental breakage. The most innovative, technologically advanced residential window tinting films ever developed, 3M Ultra Prestige Film helps window glass remain intact, preventing accidental or deliberate breakage. Watch the video below to see 3M Ultra Prestige Film in action.

Residential Gallery

Shore Window Film has had the pleasure of working with many residential clients all over the Eastern Shore, including Maryland, Delaware, and northern Virginia. Take a look at some of our work in the project gallery below.

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