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In many commercial spaces, occupants desire privacy, a sense of openness, and natural light. Glass-walled conference rooms feel like a fish bowl, but most offices want to move away from cubicles and toward an open space feel. Can we have it all? Achieving this balance requires the innovative solution of decorative window film.

Decorative Window Film Varieties

The variety of decorative window films is seemingly endless. 3M offers over 100 patterns, colors, and transparencies, allowing you to control the privacy and light of your space. Their two most popular lines of decorative glass finishes are CRYSTAL and FASARA. Both of these decorative film varieties give the appearance of etched or sandblasted glass, but at a fraction of the cost.

Popular Applications

In case you don’t already have a location in mind to use decorative window film, we have a few suggestions. One of the most popular applications is conference rooms. Many office environments need privacy for confidential meetings, but they also want to foster an open-space feel. You can achieve this balance by applying a decorative finish to just the middle strip of your glass-walled conference room. This obscures visibility into your meetings at eye level. A similar use for frosted glass is if your office is located in a suite of a larger office building with glass front doors. We can cover your entire entrance or just a portion to provide a welcoming point of entry. Many clients also choose to customize their entrance by having us cut out their company name or logo from the frosted film. This offers a stunning personalized touch to any office or storefront.

If you’re contemplating how to bring together privacy and aesthetics for your commercial space, your search stops with decorative window film. Our vast array of product options allows you to have complete control over the amount of privacy and light you desire for your space.

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