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Window film serves a wide variety of purposes. While some films are better suited for certain applications than others, many offer multiple advantages. In this article, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of all the benefits of window film.

Window Film Benefits

Temperature Control

Temperature control remains the most popular reason why home and business owners seek out window film. Only later are they pleasantly surprised to find the host of other benefits window film provides. Window tinting helps regulate the interior temperatures of your home or commercial space. The film accomplishes this by reflecting the sun’s infrared rays back into the atmosphere while still allowing in natural light. By maintaining a steady interior temperature, window film improves the comfort and energy efficiency of your space.

UV Protection

In addition to rejecting most of the sun’s infrared rays, window tint also offers protection from UV rays. UV rays damage and fade your floors, upholstery, artwork, and precious heirlooms. Minimizing the amount of UV rays entering your space extends the life of your floors and furniture.

Glare Reduction

Glare is yet another bothersome side effect of the sun. Bright rays of sunshine burst through your windows, casting glare across TV, computer, and mobile device screens. This reduces visibility and can even cause headaches and eye strain. Window film redirects the sun’s rays toward the ceiling and away from screens so that you still benefit from the natural light without it restricting vision.


While there is no such thing as “one way film” that only allows you to see out but not into a window, window tinting does help reduce visibility into your home from outside. Frosted film offers another solution for privacy, but it inhibits vision from both sides of the glass.

Safety & Security

Window film helps keep your family, employees, and property safe by deterring forced entry and protecting against inclement weather. Glass bolstered by safety & security window film is much more difficult to penetrate. On impact, the glass shards are held together with 3M’s propriety adhesive, preventing an intruder from gaining entry or flying storm debris from swirling into your living room.

Bet you didn’t know window tint does all that, did you? Whether you want to improve comfort, increase privacy, or enhance security, the many benefits of window film make it a worthwhile investment.

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