5 Ways to Put Commercial Window Film to Work in Your Building

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With spring here and the hotter months just ahead, it’s a great time to think about the ways that commercial window film can improve your offices and other workspaces. Window film has come a long way in recent years thanks to innovation and better technology. It not only comes in a wide selection of styles, colors, and textures, but it performs various tasks as well. That’s right. Commercial window film has many useful applications. Here are five:

1. Improve Comfort

Commercial window film, especially styles that are designed for temperature control, can insulate your windows so that it’s easier and less expensive to heat and cool your workspaces. This film also helps to reduce hot and cold spots near windows. Your building will not only be more a comfortable place to work, but it will be less expensive to heat and cool for energy and cost savings.

2. Reduce Glare & Sun Damage

Commercial window film can block out the majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This not only protects those inside your building, but also helps you to protect your carpets, curtains, and furniture from fading caused by the sun. Window film also cuts down on glare, by redirecting the sun’s rays toward the ceiling and away from people’s faces and TV, computer, and mobile device screens so that you still benefit from natural light without it restricting vision. If glare and UV protection are your primary concern with your existing windows, you don’t need to replace your windows. Window film is the fastest and the most cost-effective option.

3. Create Privacy

Commercial window film is very useful for improving privacy. It’s perfect for interior glass, such as conference rooms with glass doors and windows or cubicles with glass partitions. And it’s also highly effective when used on exterior windows to make it harder for those on the outside of a building to see in. There are many different styles of commercial window film designed with specific privacy applications in mind. For example, 3M Night Vision window film lets you see outside of the building at night from the inside but makes it hard for those on the outside to see inside during the workday.

4. Improve Safety

If you’re concerned about safety and security at work, commercial window film can be a great deterrent to crime. It makes it harder for intruders to penetrate your windows and get inside. It also holds glass in place when it’s shattered by an intruder, a storm, or other natural disasters so that those inside aren’t sprayed with glass shards.

5. Add Beauty

Decorative commercial window film can give old windows and glass surfaces a facelift by adding color, texture, and patterns. This provides a cost-effective way of enhancing your commercial space’s visual appeal without requiring a full renovation.

As you can see, commercial window film serves a wide variety of purposes. Whether you want increased comfort, privacy, safety, or aesthetics, a window film offers the solution.

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